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eduroam Visitor Access

Aim: Handing out temporary access to eduroam for guests


With eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) you can easily arrange WiFi access for your guests via the eduroam network - so not just within Nikhef!


You can login with your SSO account on - click sign in - choose Nikhef and login at the Nikhef SSO - click "Proceed to eduroam Visitor Access".

Now you can register your guest by providing the guest's mobile phone number or email address.

The login credentials for eVA will be sent to the guest directly, either to the mobile phone via SMS or via email. The guest can then configure access to the eduroam network on their device.

You can have up to 10 visitors at the same time. Those visitors can use the eduroam WiFi network for a maximum period of 9 day(s).

More information is available on the eVA website: