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Storage overview

Aim: Provide a quick overview of the storage directories/shares available at Nikhef.

Target audience: Users who want to store (large amounts of) data at Nikhef.


Five kinds of storage are available on the Stoomboot cluster.

/project, /data, and /dcache are all available via a network filesystem (NFS). Note these directories are automounted which means you will need to do something like ls /data/[group_name] and either create a directory with your name or navigate to an existing directory. Each type of storage has its own purpose as explained on their respective pages.

There is another dCache storage resource available that can be accessed for distributed computing jobs (a.k.a., grid jobs). This storage service can be used for sharing results with your collaboration or experiement—so sharing data results outside of Nikhef. If you would like to use the Grid dCache storage, please email