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Phones overview

Aim: Description of the phone usage at Nikhef, with a focus on mobile phones


Within Nikhef, mobile telephones are used for communication. A desk phone is only used in exceptional cases. Desk phones are also being used as emergency telephones within Nikhef. These are intended for internal calls and of course in the event of calamities.

If you think that you need a desk phone, please contact the Helpdesk ( Indicate in your request why you think you need a desk phone.

Nikhef mobile phone

Employees in one of the positions below are entitled to a Nikhef mobile phone. See also Regeling mobiele elektronische werkvoorzieningen

  • Employees in the technical and support departments of Nikhef with an indefinite contract at NWO-I;
  • Employees in the technical and support departments of Nikhef with a fixed-term employment contract with NWO-I that has been entered into for a period of at least one year;
  • Employees with a managerial position at Nikhef
  • Nikhef academic staff with a permanent contract at NWO-I or one of the Nikhef partner universities;
  • Nikhef academic staff with tenure track employment at NWO-I or one of the Nikhef partner universities;

Types of phones

For users of a mobile phone within Nikhef, there is a choice between the Apple iPhone SE 2020 or the Fairphone 3+ for Android users.

Contract and usage

A monthly limit has been set on the usage costs for all users. When this limit is reached, further use (outside the subscription) is blocked.

See also the dedicated page on configuring your mobile data abroad.

In the Netherlands

  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers within the EU.
  • Unlimited SMS within the EU.
  • 5 GB of data per month is available per user within the EU.
  • 4G network available.

Calling abroad from the Netherlands

  • Standard: see the list of rates under Rates for calling and texting abroad.

Within the EEA (European Economic Area)

  • Unlimited calling and texting within the countries in Europe.
  • Within Europe and the Netherlands, a limit of 5 GB per user per month applies.
Countries in Europe - Albania - Andorra - Belgium - Bulgaria - Cyprus - Denmark - Germany - Estonia - Faroe Islands - Finland - France - Gibraltar - Greece - Guernsey - Hungary - Ireland - Iceland - Isle of Man - Italy - Jersey - Croatia - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Monaco - Norway - Austria - Poland - Portugal - Romania - San Marino - Slovenia - Slovakia - Spain - Czech Republic - Turkey - Vatican CITY - United Kingdom - Sweden - Switzerland

In the rest of the world

A day bundle is on for everyone by default:

  • Internet op Reis Dagbundle Wereld (rest of the world, so outside the passport countries) This bundle is only charged on days with any form of use (based on the Dutch time zone).
  • Call costs: see the list of rates under Rates used abroad
  • Data: with the Internet op Reis Dagbundle Wereld up to 30 MB per day. Above that, you will be billed per MB.