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Mathematica License

Aim: get a license for Wolfram Mathematica software


  • SSH
  • Putty or openSSH


To get a Mathematica license outside Nikhef a SSH tunnel must be made to the license server via IPv4. This can be done with different implementation of SSH (e.g., OpenSSH and PuTTY). The following ports must be connected to the server from localhost:

Open a terminal with OpenSSH installed:

ssh -4 -L -L <username>

Open a terminal with OpenSSH installed:

ssh -4 -L -L <username>

In PuTTY the tunnels can be added through via Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels. Put them on IPv4!

In the local Mathematica Licensing folder a line must be added to mathpass (before !odet):



If the tunnel is active, Mathematica can be used outside Nikhef. The number of licenses is limited, exit the program when not actively using it!