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Laptop Support

Aim: This article describes the support the CT department can offer for laptops and which laptop-related matters are outside the support.

It focuses on user-managed laptops. For Nikhef-managed laptops, please ask the Helpdesk for more information.


There is no distinction in the support between the various brands and types of laptops. In particular, Apple laptops are supported the same way as e.g. Dell laptops. The same support/support restrictions also apply to Nikhef desktops that are maintained by the user.


General guidelines for user-managed laptops (and desktops):

  • Nikhef directly pays for the laptop and remains the owner.
  • The administration/maintenance of the laptop is the responsibility of the user.
  • The user has the freedom to install any legal software that is needed. The use of illegal software is strictly forbidden and any consequences, legal or financial, from using it are completely for the account of the user.
  • By using a computer provided by Nikhef, the user agrees to the Acceptable Use Policy


Support provided by the CT department

  • Purchasing of hardware: CT can advise on the selection and configuration of the laptop and place orders.
  • The Helpdesk can handle the repairs of defect laptops from selected suppliers (comprising at least Dell and Apple).
  • Assistance connecting the laptop to the guest network, either via cable or WiFi.
  • Help installing software for which Nikhef holds a site license, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Providing a temporary laptop when a defect laptop is being repaired. There is also one Mac laptop available for this purpose.
  • Best-effort support when connecting to resources like printers.
  • Providing miscellaneous small cables and adapters via the Helpdesk.
  • Per request a fixed hostname/IP address can be assigned to a computer in the guest network.
  • Use of Nikhef's backup service.
  • Providing external USB disks for backups (e.g. via TimeMachine or rdiff-backup).

Not supported by the CT department

  • System maintenance. There can be only one captain on a ship. The users have administrative privileges on the laptops and can install any legal software and make any configuration change. CT cannot and will not take responsibility for the proper functioning of the system.
  • In general, all kind of support questions are handled on a best-effort basis. We will try to resolve the problem, but we cannot guarantee success.