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Knowledge safety (Kennisveiligheid)

Aim: Protect Nikhef resources, people, intellectual property, and sensitive data from abuse and espionage

Target Audience: everyone

Protecting our people and assets

Our research collaboration and global engagement occurs in an ever more complex world. New challenges and threats are evolving globally, including to intellectual property and IT systems. Cyberattacks on and unwanted interference with research institutes and universities is a reality that has affected NWO-I Institutes and Dutch universities already. We have strong working relationships with agencies on security matters, and have the option (and used it) to seek advice to help safeguard our people, research, systems and intellectual property, as well as rebuff attempts to breach security. Universities and government know that a robust and trusted system of international collaborations is one in which risks are managed and benefits realized.

Dutch universities, institutes, and government established a joint taskforce to enhance these existing safeguards against foreign interference. In a world of more complex risks, we are working together to add to the current protections, while preserving the openness and collaboration crucial to the success of our ecosystem. This work is guided with input from the university sector and government agencies. It draws on the expertise of our collaborations, partners, and universities in nurturing this vital global engagement, and on the insights of our security agencies on emerging threats.