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Aim: This article describes some practical aspects of the Jira instance at Nikhef.


  • Nikhef SSO account


Accessing the Jira server

Jira is a web service that you can reach via your browser at

Since September 2022, Jira is hosted in the cloud and it is no longer necessary to use an eduVPN connection.

Access to Jira is granted via single sign-on (SSO). You can simply login with your SSO username and password.

External users

External users don't have access by default. If access for an external person is needed, a Jira account can be created by the JIRA support team on request of the responsible project leader.

After logging in to Jira, you can only see those projects for which you've got access rights. It is possible that new users don't have access to any project. If you believe that you should have access to a specific project, please contact the project's administrator (typically the project leader).


For support or questions, send an email to