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Ganymede cluster

Aim: Provide basic information on the Nikhef Ganymede HTCondor cluster.

Target audience: Data analysts in gravitational waves.


The Ganymede cluster is an HTCondor-based batch system that can be used for data analysis.

The cluster is running HTCondor 9.8, using CentOS 7 for the operating systems, with around 1600 AMD EPYC cores. The dCache, home directories, /project and /data storage systems are all accessible from any of the worker nodes (or execute nodes/points) and the submit host (

This cluster is mainly reserved for Nikhef's Gravitational Waves group.


Access and Use

The Ganymede cluster can be accessed from the "submit node", This node allows you to run condor_submit to submit batch jobs, condor_q -all to see what jobs are currently running on the system, and condor_status to show information about what is available in the cluster. Note there is a lot more information available than these simple commands. Try using -help after each command to see a full explanation of what can be queried with these commands.

Commands to monitor or manage your DAGs or runs

condor_q                 # Monitor your DAGs/jobs
condor_q -allusers       # Same, for all users

condor_q -analyze 846.0  # Details on job 846
condor_q -better 846.0   # More details on job 846 - same as -better-analyze

condor_q -unmatchable    # List with some details on jobs that do not match any machines/nodes

condor_rm <job_id>       # Remove job or DAG <job_id>
condor_rm <user>         # Remove all <user>'s jobs

Note: if a DAG is removed, it may split up into a list of individual jobs for a number of seconds before disappearing.

Commands to monitor the status of the cluster, modules, nodes or cores

condor_status         # What is each node doing?  (Claimed ~ Busy;  Unclaimed ~ Idle)
condor_status -total  # Just show totals  (see my script condor_status_totals)
condor_status -long   # Detailed info on ALL cpus

## Claimed/free cores:
condor_status -total -af:h  Name Cpus State   | awk '/Unclaimed/ {unc += $2} ; /Claimed/ {cla += $2}; END { print "Total cores " unc+cla ", Claimed " cla " and Unclaimed " unc}'

## Number of active jobs, the cores they're using and their load:
condor_status -const 'Activity == "Busy"' -af CPUsUsage Cpus | awk '{usage += $1; total += $2; jobs += 1}END{print jobs " active jobs are assigned " total " cores and are using " usage " of them (" (usage / total)*100 "%)" }'

## Modules (varying number with varying number of cores):
condor_status -total -af:h  Name Cpus State   | head

Submitting HTCondor jobs with containers

It is possible to submit jobs that use Apptainer containers (previously known as Singularity) by adding

universe                = container
container_image         = ./image.sif

to the job submission parameters in the .sub file.

Cluster activity

[Add graphs similar to the STBC cluster when they are available.]

  • The Ganymede entry in Nikhef's Gravitational Waves wiki.
  • Everything you want to know about HTCondor:


Email for questions about the Ganymede cluster.