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FAQ Phones

Where can I find the Nikhef Mobile regulations scheme?

See the Electronic Work Facilities Regulations on the CT wiki.

Where can I find the conditions of the mobile contract?

See the description of the mobile contract.

Where can I pass on my choice?

It is no longer possible to place an order via the web form. Instead, please contact the CT Helpdesk (

When will the next round of mobile phones come?

The CT applies a depreciation period of 36 months. But the management decides when the next round of replacements will take place.

I am leaving my employment in the meantime and I would like to take over my device. Is that possible?

Yes, that's possible. You can take over fully supported mobile phones for the residual value of the device. The residual value is calculated on the basis of straight-line depreciation over 36 months with a minimum value of EUR 75. For the Free Choice appliances, we calculate the residual value over the amount contributed by Nikhef upon purchase.

I have been employed for X months, can I also use this scheme?

If your employment ends within 6 months, you cannot participate in this scheme. If your employment ends within 12 months, you can only choose from the fully supported devices.

Can I call/text/use the internet privately?

Yes, as long as it's done in moderation.

Will Nikhef also support/roll out chat service X?

No. Primarily, we only support calling and texting as a minimum service on mobile phones.

Do I have to be available 24/7?

You must be available during the agreed working hours. Just as it is now with a DECT or fixed telephone.

Can I bring my private mobile number to Nikhef?

Yes, that's possible. Please indicate this on the form and make sure that all questions are answered.

Can I take my mobile number with me when I leave employment?

This is only possible if you previously brought your own private mobile number to Nikhef. There are some conditions attached to it, namely:

  • You will be converted by Nikhef to a private subscription from the provider Nikhef currently has (which is currently Vodafone). This contract has the same lead time as the Nikhef contract itself and you can choose from the subscriptions that the provider offers. Once this contract term has expired, you are free to switch to another provider.
  • If you use a mobile number supplied by Nikhef, you cannot take it with you when you leave your employment.

When will my 06 number be ported?

If your 06 number is contract-free with the current provider, our intention is to have it ported to Nikhef at the beginning of May. Otherwise, the date of the expiry of your current contract applies.

I don't have a customer number as a prepaid user, what now?

Leave the customer number field empty but do enter your SIM card number in the SIM number field.

Can I install applications myself on the mobile supplied by Nikhef?

Yes, that is allowed if the device is suitable for it. You manage the device yourself and therefore also have the freedom to install applications from the supplied application store.

Can I jailbreak/root the mobile device?


Can I use the 2nd SIM card slot/e-SIM for another (temporary/private) subscription?

Yes that is allowed. But Nikhef does not offer support if you experience any problems with this.

My fully supported mobile device is broken. What now?

Visit the CT Helpdesk and you will immediately receive a replacement copy. Your current device will be repaired and will go into stock at the Helpdesk. Repairs via other channels will only be reimbursed by Nikhef after prior permission from the head of CT!

My Free Choice mobile device is broken. What now?

Have it repaired at your own expense. For extreme emergencies, you can borrow a CAT B26 from the Helpdesk to be available during the repair period.

Is there a limit to how often you can have a fully supported mobile device repaired?

If it happens more often that your mobile device breaks down, the costs of the repair will be recovered from you. Exceptions to this can only be made by the management.

Can Nikhef also supply e-sims?

No. We only deliver physical SIM cards.

When I have only opted for the SIM card, but later still want a Nikhef device. What are the possibilities?

Then you can only opt for a fully supported standard device (the Free Choice option is then no longer available). It may be that your choice from the standard devices is then limited to those that are still in stock or available.

Can Nikhef also order the Free Choice devices from store X?

We will use the official channels in the Netherlands for the well-known brands to order these devices. This does not necessarily mean that you will actually order the device from the specified store. We will do our best to order very exceptional and/or exotic devices, but cannot guarantee this.

What amount should I take into account in terms of the costs of my chosen Free Choice mobile phone?

Due to the large fluctuations in prices in the market, it is wise to stick to the manufacturer's recommended Dutch consumer price. We will do our best to try to purchase as competitively as possible, but we cannot guarantee this in advance. For exceptional/exotic devices, any currency, customs and import costs will be charged in full.

Can I also choose refurbished or second-hand devices in the Free Choice?

We only purchase new devices through official channels.

I recently bought a mobile phone and can Nikhef reimburse it?

No. You can opt for only a SIM card from Nikhef and continue to use your own device at your own risk. If necessary, you can still participate in the scheme later, although you can then only opt for a fully supported standard device (the Free Choice option is then no longer available). It may be that your choice from the standard devices is then limited to those that are still in stock or available.

Am I missing the option to receive the Free Choice compensation as money?

That's right. You can only have new appliances and associated accessories purchased by Nikhef.

I choose a Free Choice mobile phone that costs less than the reimbursement. What can / will happen with the remainder of the amount?

You can use this remainder to order accessories that fit the chosen device, or to have any repairs (partially) paid for later. However, any remainder of the budget will not be paid out.

Can I pay the amount I have to pay for my Free Choice device in installments?

No. Investigate in advance whether you can pay the remaining amount before you pass on your choice. Devices once ordered must be purchased.

Due to the current crisis, I no longer physically visit Nikhef. How can I receive my new device and SIM card?

Because the current circumstances are difficult to predict beyond a few weeks, we do not yet have a concrete answer to this question. Just before the moment we start rolling out phones, we will look for a solution for this.

What will happen to DECT and fixed telephones?

Both will disappear after the renovation. We see the CAT B26 as the replacement for the current DECT and fixed devices in terms of functionality and robustness. Fixed telephones will remain in corridors, labs and other places where accessibility of emergency services is essential.

I want to configure my Nikhef e-mail/calendar/address book on my phone.

See the Mail, Calendar, Contact overview.

After some time access to the data network abroad no longer works, although it worked before.

Disable the EU option in the mobile network settings. If that doesn't work, the phone needs to be rebooted and the correct network selected.

My phone is broken, what do I do?

Always contact the Nikhef Helpdesk ( / phone ext. 2200 / Room: H122). The Helpdesk will assess whether and how the telephone needs to be repaired, and whether a warranty claim can be made. In any case, do not have the phone repaired or replaced yourself.

Is calling between Nikhef employees free when someone is abroad?

If the colleague is in one of the benefit countries, calling is free. If the colleague is in the rest of the world, the world bundle will start for that colleague.

The Vodafone document with the costs mentions standard rates and reduced rates for calling abroad. Which rates apply to us?

We call at the standard rates.