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Directory /project

Aim: Describe the use of the /Project directory/share.

Target audience: Users who store data at Nikhef.


The project storage (/project, a.k.a. /global) is intended for unique software, configuration, settings, conditions, and plots that are precious, and should outlive your personal stay at Nikhef. The histograms and tabular data that form the input to the plots in your thesis find a good place here as well while you are working with them. Also the scripts and Jupyter notebooks used to create them are welcome here.


Intended use

Unique software, your final thesis, settings and conditions data, precious plots, histograms and tabular data that make them (remember to deposit notebooks, tabular data, and results also in a FAIR data repository like HEPdata, CERN’s Open Data, or Zenodo).

Examples of data types that are better put elsewhere

Personal data, like your photos or web home page (these must go into your home directory, if only to preserve your own privacy!), analysis results (these can be reproduced, hence should go to dCache or /data), things you want to share with people outside Nikhef (these should go to SURFdrive, specifically a SURFdrive Group folder), intermediate results (these should go to $TMPDIR or the node scratch space), merger data or files needed to share things between running processes (these should go to /data), large files (these should likely be in /data, and also be replicated to the Grid or your experiment data lake to have a spare copy).

What are the limitations?

Like the home directory, this file system is backed-up, and a spare copy is replicated 3 times. That’s expensive, and space is limited. The quota’s here are ‘group quota’, so if you fill it, your direct colleagues will suffer. It is hosted on a resilient ‘NFS’ storage server, which is also used for other critical Nikhef services.