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Change Mattermost to GitLab authentication

Aim: Change your authentication method from a (personal) made account to GitLab authentication

Target Audience: For those who made a Mattermost account on the website (using their personal or nikhef email address)


Verifying and adjusting your email settings

Please open a browser window and do everything in the browser, not in the Mattermost app on your mobile or computer.

Take note of the email address which is listed as "Person's principal name at home organization."

  • Once you have that, log in to Mattermost at and check your "Profile" by clicking on the icon at the very top right of your window.

There you will find your email address. Change this with "Edit" to the same as the one you have gotten from the previous step.

Changing your sign-in method

  • In your Mattermost profile you will see a heading called "Security" Click that and look for the setting "Sign-in Method"

  • Use the Edit function to change this to "GitLab"

  • You will be asked for your password after doing so

  • After that you will need to confirm the authorization.

  • Finally you will be asked to log in again. Now click on the "GitLab" option below and follow this guide for login starting with step 3