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Account request

Aim: This page describes how to apply for a Nikhef user account.

Target audience: Employees who need to request an account for a new colleague or guest.

The account request goes through the personnel department and the CT Helpdesk. Applications are processed as quickly as possible. More information can be found on the P&O Intranet page.


A request for new Nikhef user account will be handled as follows:

  • To start the account application, a form must be completed by the manager/sponsor (a Nikhef employee). You can find this form here in Dutch or English. The completed form can be sent by e-mail to
  • The personnel department then sends the correct information form to the manager/sponsor or directly to the new employee or guest.
  • As soon as the personnel department has received the form, the person is entered in the system and the personnel department creates a request for the CT Helpdesk to create the account.
  • Once the CT Helpdesk has created the account, the account details will be communicated to the manager/sponsor.

Account renewals

The expiration date for Nikhef employees with permanent or temporarily contracts is set by the personnel department. Guest accounts are valid for one year (+ one month) and can be extended when requested by the sponsor. To do this, send an email to

Account names

An account name is created according to this convention: initial of the first name followed by the surname, or first name followed by the initial of the last name. For example, for Tom Jones the account name will be either tjones or tomj. Possible conflicts with existing accounts will be solved by the CT Helpdesk, e.g by proposing tomjon or a similar combination.

Change of initial password

The owner of the new account is requested to come to the Helpdesk to change the initial password within five days at See Change your password for more details. If you cannot change your password within the set time, please contact the Helpdesk to find another solution.